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Specifics of international private law in terms of external elements.

Helping people find Justice.

VICTOR OZIEGBE Esq is the Managing Partner at the law firm of VICTOR OZIEGBE’S ATTORNEYS, a leading corporate and trans-border commercial law practice, where he leads a body of creative and resulted oriented lawyers in the handling of Litigation, Market defining trans-border commercial transactions and Investment drive with uncommon and result oriented expertise.

He is an erudite lawyer and a consummate businessman. He holds a degree in Philosophy  BA. (Hons), a post graduate Diploma in Management, a master Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a degree in Law (LL.B), BL and a Master Degree in Law (LL.M).

He belongs to so many reputable professional bodies , namely;

  • The Nigerian Bar Association.
  • The Commonwealth Lawyers Association
  • The International Bar Association.
  • Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitration, United Kingdom.


We are of outstanding full service law firms in Nigeria with international legal knowledge. A top law firm known for providing innovative and creative cost effective legal solutions to client interest. The firm’s dedication to client’s interest involves the strife for excellence.

The firm assist clients entering the Nigeria market generally advising them on the most efficient model and market entry strategies.

Lawyers of the firm possess well proven expertise in handling complex transactions with commendable successes in transactional briefs and litigation both in corporate, private and public litigation’s.

Our Lawyers have a very in-depth profile in creating, strengthening and sustaining investors’ confidence through legal solutions.

Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations and not be able to defuse the situation without going to court. Our lawyers will also represent you in various cases and provide you the help you need in the best way possible.